About us

Stars and Stripes Sports is committed to providing the best opportunity for athletes to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Stars and Stripes Sports has established an accomplished Eco-System of resources needed for athletes, high schools, colleges and professional programs to have success. Collaboration with proven professionals ensures the accuracy of information and the quality of the development presented by Stars and Stripes Sports.

Test and Train Sports, Hitter Handicap and Athlete Engineering have all developed as a result of needs learned while Stars and Stripes Sports has developed.

Our organization has a wide range of professional instructors, coaches, facilities, training products, and processes that create a very systematic approach to development. We look forward to building new relationships with schools, colleges, professional organizations, athletes and their families to become a trusted part of their journey.

Organizations, Schools, Clubs, etc. - We are assisting many organizations with our Sports Technology Solutions. Partner with us today! We provide you supplemental benefits you do not currently have!  Proper Supervision and Expertise is necessary to maximize an athletes journey.  Busy work that does not engage the specificity in training critical to getting in-game results, may be offered by many groups or individuals.  The investment of time and money into programs that do not offer the necessary programming and supervision greatly reduces the athlete reaching their full potential.


Live a little my favorite Coach Kelly quote! Love the lifelong friendships made between the kids and parents! Sportsmanship also goes a long way. Another emphasis of Coach Kelly! We have had the privilege of working with him and his dedicated coaches for almost 6 years now.... Great read Coach!

 The friends my family and I have created are irreplaceable and I would spend thousands more for those friendships. There is a bigger picture. It can't be explained in words, it can only be lived 

Overview of the Stars and Stripes Sports Development System

Sport Testing

If you want to improve, it has to be measured. Knowing where you stand and setting Incremental goals on fundamental athletic capabilities is the first step in an athlete's development. Test and Retest four times a year to properly navigate your career.

It is not wise to invest time or money in lessons, practices, camps or clinics if you can not measure the value of the investment you are making. Benchmarks are necessary to create the accountability necessary for the most efficient athletic development. If you are not testing...YOU ARE GUESSING!

Sports Performance

Stars and Stripes Sports provides accountability for proper player development.  It is important for each athlete to have a  customized solution that meets each athlete's specific need.  This relationship within the top Sports Eco-System in the country ensures access to the best training in the world.  We work with Sports Performance professionals all over the country who are willing to be held accountable for their actions with our Sports Technology Solutions.

Skill Development

Stars and Stripes Sports partners with multiple brick and mortar locations across the United States where sport specific professionals who have proven the ability to teach can be located and hired for services.  Skill-specific targeted training is a necessity to establish the proper foundation for development.  If the proper techniques and fundamentals are taught at the start then the athlete will always chase their ceiling.  Stars and Stripes Sports has relationships with quality instructors and facilities across the country that can assist players in their development.  You can count on us to provide the best training available.


Every athlete has a chance to be successful.  Stars and Stripes Sports offers State, Regional, All American, and National teams for the purpose of giving players the opportunity to perform at various levels.  Proper guidance and exposure from our coaches, recruiters, and scouts will ensure the best chance of next level advancement.  There is no substitute for experience and network which identifies Stars and Stripes Sports Eco-System. No one company provides all that is needed that is why an Eco-System is necessary to integrate the best services in the world.  Utilizing "indexing" with the Sport Testing numbers provides a very accurate process to identify Colleges that fit athletes circumstances.



The Stars and Stripes Sports Eco-System is unparalleled in providing the information, training, development, exposure, and products needed to be successful on your journey. No company works harder to provide due diligence of products and services offered to our clients. We are accountable for getting results and have identified the best process and procedures managed by the top professionals in the country so our clients can depend on us.

Stars and Stripes Pledge

We are committed to serving the needs of our athletes with a proven support system. We will continue to build our team of dedicated professionals and resources to assist each player in becoming the best they can be.  Count on us!