Reliable statistical evidence will outperform heuristic techniques every time...intuition is less reliable than the statistical validation of talent identification (Taste for True Talent-Gines).  Stars and Stripes Sports has identified scouting traits by way of sports testing that predicts the outcome of success.  This process provides the ability to influence proper training that can impact the long-term success of an athlete.  Stars and Stripes Sports provide a non-emotional, non-subjective data-driven approach that eliminates politics in development and predictability.  Athletes must have professional guidance using targeted training using proper training techniques to develop to full potential. Identifying talent is not as important as developing talent. However, the better an organization is at identifying talent and properly developing the talent, the more success that organization will have.   Kelly Ahrens- Stars and Stripes Sports- Founder

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Most companies want to provide valuable services but fall short on creating the accountability necessary to properly measure athletic development. Stars and Stripes Sports has pioneered the most efficient platform that holds all parties accountable, allows organizations to better manage their business and to provide better results to the clients.

Stars and Stripes Sports is a  National Sports Eco-System that allows companies and individuals to plug into and gain immediate benefit. Data-Driven Targeted development providing guaranteed trackable results drives the business and challenges the status quo.

Stars and Stripes Sports has spent the last decade serving thousands of athletes across the United States and many companies and organizations who have plugged into our National Sports Eco-System.  Practical application of a proven process will better reward athletes and companies that depend upon our Sport Technolgy and Eco-System.

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