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Player Development

Victor Buxton

News and Updates

Victor Buxton is hosting events on the first and third Saturday of each month to bring awareness to baseball and softball. Victor and staff are teaching all the elements of the game and looking to develop the sport.

Victor is reaching out to companies and individuals who may be able to assist efforts to provide support and resources to the players and the league that is developing.

Stars and Stripes Sports has agreed to provide FREE player profiles and sports technology solutions for the league to begin to develop an infrastructure that can support the proper growth and development.

We are planning an “Equipment Drive” to see about getting help in receiving some baseball and softball equipment that can be donated to the program for players in need.

Interested parties can register and get a profile set up so we can begin to administrate the program’s development.



We appreciate any help and assistance we can receive from parties that have assets or resources that can benefit the development of the game.

Contact Us

  • Youth Network Baseball and Softball Academy (YONBSA) c/o KN 1242 Kaneshie, Accra-Ghana 0208371531/0279112190 buxzy2000@yahoo.Com