USSSA All State Summer Session – July 20-21

Congratulations To The Top Prospects Of Each Age Group

14U- 1st Rusty Chappell 2nd Connor Camp- Smith

13U- 1st Sam Felix   2nd Leo Addeo

12U- 1st Clayton Catoe  2nd Jackson Reed

11U- 1st Hayden Lukovitch 2nd Alvin Murray III

10U- 1stAspen Rivers  2nd Austin Baird

9U- 1st Dalton Sharpe 2nd Logan Durrell

8U- 1st Kason Rector 2nd Brayden Watford

All of the athletes participated in the Stars and Stripes Test and Train Sports Testing and Athletic Assessment on Friday, July 20th.  The testing information provides deep insight to all aspects of measuring where a player stands and the overall athleticism that impacts the continual development through the years. Quarterly Re-Testing provide insight into the progression of the athlete and validates the training protocols being utilized for that player’s development.  If you are not testing…YOU ARE GUESSING!  Below is a matrix providing insight to what the top 10% at each age group is scoring so you can review your numbers and track your progression.  *You must get a Mental MRI for a complete understanding of how skills are utilized in game situations.

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