Definitive Solutions To A Real Problem

GRIP STRENGTH- #1 Issue not discussed and or understood. Only the top Grip Strength Expert in the World can be trusted to teach how to properly train grip strength. Solutions and guidance provided directly to customers and direct to businesses.  Understand the daily protocol needed to protect yourself and understand how throwing curve balls can cause injury to your elbow.

If you build your Grip Strength up to a certain level it dramatically reduces the possibility of tearing your UCL while pitching in Baseball Or Softball. We have the information that is not public nor available to anyone else that we would like to share.  We create accountability and provide the specific training programming that makes an immediate impact and will reduce the chance of arm injury.  Every athlete is different and every athlete needs a customized approach to monitoring and training specific to their specific sports testing results.


There are numerous factors that play a role in eliminating a UCL injury while pitching. Stars and Stripes Sports has done thousands of Sport Testing events and has collaborated with the best in the World to better understand what the specific problems are. We can provide you with a customized solution with the right tools and guidance to protect yourself from harm.

Due to the sensitivity of the information we have and the expertise we have specific to this serious issue, we will only provide services directly to clients who agree to be held accountable for their actions in learning more about the insight of discoveries that will change Baseball and Softball pitching for good. We are anxious to share our wealth of information and solutions with parties who are passionate about this field.

You will not find any high profile companies, pitching coaches, instructors, etc. discussing "Velocity" or "pitching" mentioning or having any understanding of the relevance of Grip Strength. We have been at it for many years and can now provide meaningful services for anyone interested in avoiding this injury. The "Minister Of Grip" and Stars and Stripes Sports are ready to assist.