Test and Train Sports was born from the efforts of Stars and Stripes Sports.  Athletic Diagnostics are discovered through testing and training provide necessary direction to committed athletes who are seeking to reach their full potential.  Test and Train Sports has developed a process to Test and Train athletes to create accountability in the targeted development process.  Years of sports testing, research and application provide a wealth of knowledge on providing elite services to athletes who are looking to maximize their efforts.  Developing a practical approach that can be sustained has taken a lot of trial and error which now provides a structure for committed athletes to reach their full potential.


Athlete Engineer- A person who designs, builds or maintains athletes.  Provide a structural foundation to an athlete by providing progressive development focusing on mobility, sequencing, and timing incorporated into a long-term plan.  Demonstrate and teach mastery of a skill by providing customized programming continually making adjustments to training based upon data-driven sports testing results.  Test and Re-Test athlete to validate mastery of a skill is being achieved and applied with success in competition. Analyze testing data, performance results and muscular endurance on a regularly scheduled basis to properly identify a hierarchy of importance while targeting specifics that will generate the best results possible in competition while avoiding injury.