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14U Team VA- Stars and Stripes Sports is sanctioned by Stars and Stripes Sports, LLC. We are excited to provide a developmental opportunity to players who are committed to being the best they can be.

We will provide a developmental environment with many resources to track and assist each player to become the best they can be.

Every player will have an Athletic Profile and will be Sport Tested to obtain the benchmark data that will be used in the developmental process.

Accountability is the keyword for this organization as the ability to correspond and track progression is key when holding players, coaches, and instructors responsible for expected results.

All players need to register and set up a profile and those who are simply interested in learning more please complete the appropriate button next to this paragraph.

The Stars and Stripes Sports Way…..

Stars and Stripes is a player development program, meaning we focus on the development of EVERY player on this team. Our coaches and this organization is committed to every player that is committed in return. Commitment consists of wanting what is best for your team and teammates.

Commitment is key.

Stars and Stripes Sports will only work with committed athletes. Committed athletes are ones that are reliable and passionate about becoming the best they can be on and off the field. Without commitment, there is no foundation. Stars and Stripes Sports will archive all athletes in our system that lack commitment to the Stars and Stripes Organization. The business structure is set up to provide services to committed athletes who want to work hard daily to develop their skills to the most of their ability. If you lack commitment, it is ok to acknowledge and notify so you can you can pick up at a different time when the commitment is firm. Please be advised that we do not ever want to question your commitment. Commitment begins with the individual and extends to the family, team, and organization in which you are participating. Every decision you make and every commitment you break affects your family, team and Stars and Stripes Sports. Do not take your commitment lightly and always understand how your commitment affects the rest of the team and or program.

Players will be held to the following:

  1. Have Fun
  2. Work Hard
  3. Always be supportive of your teammates and other Stars and Stripes Teams
  4. DO as you are asked and do it with your best effort
  5. If you do not have anything good to say keep it to your self
  6. Never show up an umpire for any reason
  7. Never address a coach, player, or parent from another team under any circumstance
  8. Always HUSTLE to your position on the field and to the dugout from your position, NEVER WALK
  9. Always run through the bag at first base, no matter the situation
  10. Never show “Negative Body Language” or “Show UP” another team
  11. Always respect your coaches and address them professionally
  12. Never allow your parents to speak on your behalf, learn to speak for yourself
  13. Players must carry and be responsible for their own equipment
  14. Never allow your parents to come to the dugout and converse during a game
  15. Practice Hard, Play Hard and ALWAYS be a good sport
  16. Make sure you a prepared for each pitch, and never take a playoff. Baseball READY every pitch.
  17. The most important pitch is the next pitch, short memories. Learn from mistakes

Parents will be held to the following:

  1. Have Fun
  2. Support your son, the team, and all other Stars and Stripes Sports Teams
  3. Do Not “coach” your son and be his parent and provide unwavering support at all times
  4. Never address an umpire or react negatively to a call, allow the coaches to represent and fight for the best interest of the team
  5. Never address an opposing teams coach, fans or players
  6. Require your son to pack and carry his own equipment and learn responsibility as if he was away and had to do this on his own
  7. Do not criticize your son or add more pressure, remind him this game is about how to deal with failure.
  8. Remind your son the most important play is the “NEXT” play or “NEXT” pitch, you cannot go back and undo what has been done, so learn from the experience and move forward
  9. Provide value and support to the Stars and Stripes Sports Organization, never be selfish in approach, understand that if you assist with the development of your son to become a good teammate, he will develop and prosper as an athlete
  10. Unconditionally support the team, coaches and program all while respecting the importance of the development of ALL players on this team, not just your sons
  11. Parents understand when the occasion arises that it is sometimes mandatory to stay in a hotel of tournament choice

About Us

  • Practice Details: Beginning May 28th, 2019 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm-8pm at New Market Community Park
  • State Team Director: Contact : Jennifer McNamara jennmcnamara@aol.com or call at 540-271-0946

Team Info


Coach: Jamie McNamara

Assistant Coaches: Steve Jodrie, Scotty Cash and Damian Loya

2019 Summer Roster:

Adrian Vann, Landon Vile, Hunter Rinker, Joey McNamara, Brayden Smith, Caden Good, James Cash, Luke McCain, Michael Spaur, Dylan Shifflett and Zander Jodrie

2019 Summer Schedule:

June 14-16th, 2019      Perfect Game-Old Dominion University                    Norfolk, VA

July 6-7th, 2019           Fruitland Baseball                                                       Fruitland, MD

Aug 2-4th, 2019           USSSA-Liberty University                                         Lynchburg, VA

Aug 23-25th, 2019       Diamond Nation                                                         Flemington, NJ

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Stars and Stripes Sports

KellyAhrens@StarsandStripesSports.com (803) 260-5432

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