12U Stars and Stripes SC

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Kelly Ahrens will be taking control of the local Columbia, SC program to provide the leadership and direction that has proven to build character and skills in athletes across the country. Kelly has been providing instruction and managing travel teams for many years.
Stars and Stripes Sports has pioneered a unique player development process that has proven to be effective.
Expect Big Things and be willing to work hard for proper results there are no shortcuts and if you are not willing to work hard you will not remain a part of the program. Leadership starts at the top and all coaches, instructors, and sports performance professionals will provide the best example of their actions on and off the field.
The right gathering of committed athletes and families will create a championship environment for all to enjoy. Contact: KellyAhrens@StarsandStripesSports.com

Seasons and Cost

November 1- June 3rd


  • Registration Fee $100 One Time Fee
  • Players pay $20 per practice and $75 per tournament played for baseball and softball, we do offer training for all sports
  • Player’s fully commit to season schedule and we will carry a 10 to 12 person roster.
  • Practices are mandatory. Typically practice once a week on the weekends we are not playing and twice a week the week we are playing. Pre Season practices can occur more often. Expect periodization in training to maximize the development of each athlete.
  • Player’s are responsible for uniform cost of $65 to $125 depending on what style the team wants to purchase
  • Skills and Drills: Sports performance and position specific training for all members available once a week. Included in monthly dues
  • All athletes will be monitored daily and provided progressive training- included in dues
  • Members will have access to use of the facility in membership areas every day of the week-included in monthly dues
  • Sport Testing, included in monthly dues
  • We will have use of Fungoman for development purposes as well
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Stars and Stripes Sports serves “Committed Athletes and Families” only. Please do not sign up and expect to participate with us if you are not willing to be held accountable.

  • Every parent and player will execute a contract outlining behavior and expectations
  • Every parent and player will support this organization 100% in a positive manner or will be able to participate
  • Focus on how you are making your team and this organization better
  • Participate because you understand the big picture and you want your child to develop properly on and off the field
  • There is no entitlement or politics involved with our process-Hard Work Pays Off.

Team Details

Stars and Stripes Teams will be based out of the Columbia, SC area and will play in local tournaments occasionally traveling outside area.

  • We are going to initially only have 1 team in each age group 10U to 12U
  • We will practice at the facility and local area parks.
  • We will field AA/ AAA and Major Level teams depending on participation and team makeup, we will build all teams to be Major Level Teams Within A Year Of Origination
  • All teams will have between 10 and 12 Man rosters per tournament and will always bat a continuous line up with free substitution with no player sitting out more than one inning at a time. We will have a “Reserve List” of players who will get a chance if one of our regulars get’s hurt, or chooses to leave.
  • We commit to players and commit to developing them so we stick with them and expect them to stick with us for the committed time contracted
  • Stars and Stripes Sports offers unique Team Development. Rosters will be set however, Coaches will rotate between teams to provide a variation in coaching styles and personalities to benefit the players.
  • Players can come to any practice published no matter the age group which provides flexible options for families
  • Every parent will enjoy seeing their kids receive professional instruction and seeing their confidence grow.

2018 Spring Schedule

February 10-11- Columbia, SC

February 17-18 – Columbia, SC

March 3-4- Columbia, SC

April 7-8- Columbia, SC

May 4-5- Columbia, SC

May 26-27 Columbia, SC

June 2-3 Columbia, SC

We will play all of these events with Gameday USSSA. Players can also participate on our National Team for exposure to other events.

Current Invites Extended and Accepted

12U- Thatcher Baughman- Accepted

12U- Reese Lawrence- Accepted

12U- Sam Porter- Accepted

12U- Harry Weaver- Accepted

12U- Evan Todd- Accepted

12U- Miller Stuck- Accepted

12U- Jayson Nash- Accepted

12U-Jayiden O’Neal – Invited

12U- Brooks Wheeler- Accepted

12U- Jack McCormack- Accepted

12U- Andrew Huwe- Invited-Reserve

12U- Edward Said- Invited

12U – Jason Andrews- Accepted