State Teams


Sanctioned State Team Details


Cost:  $50 Per Player Per Year- Once paid player becomes a Stars and Stripes Sports Sanctioned Player.  All players must be a sanctioned player. This fee is paid directly to Stars and Stripes Sports Corporate. TM is responsible for each player on the roster, practicing with the team, etc. to pay their sanctioning fees.

Team Name– a Sanctioned team can originate the name of their team

Team Manager– Team Manager (TM) will receive Team Sanctioning authority from Kelly Ahrens.  Team Manager will be supported by Stars and Stripes Sports and will be responsible for the day to day management of their team.

Team Management– TM must utilize Team Management system provide by Stars and Stripes Sports. All team activities, payments for games, practices, etc. must be processed through the selected software system which today is Peak Performance Network.

Rules/Acknowledgement– TM will utilize the Stars and Stripes Sports State Team Player/Parent package and have each player and parent execute to acknowledge.  National Team rules and regulations must be followed with no exceptions. TM must provide “Team Contract” which specifies exactly how the team is to be run in managed i.e., parent coached, professionally coached, costs, etc.

Team Direction– TM can manage team how they see fit so long as they follow the National Team Rules/Regulations.  Team Contract should spell out exactly how the team will operate, and the obligation should only be for a Fall or Spring season.  When and how often to practice, who is running the practice, etc. is managed by the TM.  Teams can be parent coached or professionally coached.

Uniforms– TM can utilize Stars and Stripes Sports preferred vendor or a local vendor of their choice.

Team Costs- TM sets pricing to participate on the team.  Payments should be collected through Peak Performance Network.

Team Communications– All practices, games, and other events should be managed using the Peak Performance Network platform.

Team Page– Team will have a team page on the Stars and Stripes Sports website that can be updated at the discretion of the TM.

Social Media– TM will open a Team Account with Facebook, Instagram, etc. coordinated with Stars and Stripes Sports Social Media director.

Team Scheduling– TM manages the schedule of the team and administrates through Peak Performance Network.

Player Profiles– Each player will receive a digital profile that will be used for all activities for the Team and for their individual development.  The digital profile will be used to capture the athlete’s journey through development.  Team assignments and individual programs can be administered through the player’s profile.

Team Resources– TM has the resource in Stars and Stripes Sports library of practice plans, specialized works, etc. via Peak Performance Network.  TM can collaborate with other programs within Stars and Stripes Sports Eco-System and can leverage relationships for the TM benefits.


Families can participate on a team that provides structure and stability while creating accountability.  State Teams will be a part of a trusted and proven National Brand that allows for supplemental participation.  State Teams receive marketing resources that allow area residents the opportunity to learn about the TM start-up of a team and feel comfortable they are getting the right guidance in the day to day operations ultimately looking to Stars and Stripes Sports Corporate as a governing body that holds everyone accountable.

For a parent looking for a fair opportunity for competition and development, Stars and Stripes Sports provides a structured environment that provides the resources needed to operate.  The brand allows for the parent to take advantage of an established program assisting in the recruitment of players.  The parent can coach the team themselves and have access to the library of information in addition to the access top professional coaches from across the country.

Stars and Stripes Sports represents “committed” players no matter their playing level, allowing for the ability for each player to reach their full potential.  Sports Testing and Training techniques are available to ensure measurables that assist in the development process.