Educational Partnership Program

The Enriched Student and Student-Athlete



Stars and Stripes Sports acts as a consultant to school districts and other educational entities who are looking to maximize the development of their students by offering blended learning.  Stars and Stripes Sports provides Sports Testing services along with targeted development solutions specific to each individual student in relation to the students' commitment to sports.  In addition to Sports Solutions, Stars and Stripes Sports provides technology solutions utilizing the same features in athlete development to the theater, art, mechanical,... interest a student may have.  Customized developmental solutions that are web-based and mobile-based solutions can be provided to the school district allowing collaboration with all professional parties involved with the development journey.

This permission-based solution ensures the integrity of information is retained while collecting all materials, training procedures, testing results, and instructions on one platform.  Stars and Stripes Sports can service a large amount of student and student-athletes for a very affordable price enhancing the decisions made by the school district in providing direction to each student and student-athlete.   The ability to target and provide specific solutions with a web-based and mobile-based solution allows students and student-athletes to receive specialized instruction that will assist in developing them in the classroom and in their athletic ventures.


  • Web-Based and Mobile-Based Sports Technology Solution- Creates the accountability for all parties Student, Student-Athlete, Administrators, Parents, Coaches, Teachers, Counselors, etc.
  • Sports Testing Services- Benchmark Scores and Re-Test
  • Daily Athletic Performance Survey- Valuable information on each student and student-athletes wellness instrumental in understanding how to maximize performance and eliminate avoidable injuries
  • Targeted Specificity of Training- Each Student and Student-Athlete will receive targeted training planning based on sports testing results to increase the effectiveness of development
  • Mental MRI- Student and Student-Athletes can take the Mental MRI which will provide the proper information to educate the Student and Student-Athlete on how to improve their approach to the classroom and to the field of play in addition to providing valuable insight to the teachers and coaches as to how the Student and Student-Athlete is best approached from a teaching/learning perspective
  • Biometric Tracking- Student and Student-Athlete can track and monitor their growth and basic vital readings
  • Forensic Sports Analysis- A professional overview of where a Student-Athlete is currently and how to identify the key elements that need to be targeted to maximize development.
  • Measurable means to development supported by definitive sports testing process
  • Evaluation software solution to provide customized detailed evaluations solutions for Students and Student-Athletes
  • Injury tracking, monitoring, and compliance system initiated from minute injury takes place until return to play


  • Measure performance of teachers, instructors, coaches in providing proper athletic development to Student and Student-Athletes
  • Provides a foundation to tryout and selection process for school teams and programs avoiding the heuristic approach while utilizing a data-driven proven approach that has no politics showing no favoritism
  • Improve the performance of the Student and Student-Athlete based upon visible progression and resources for their passion which creates more enthusiasm in learning
  • Elminiate the problematic actions that are ambiguous and arise daily within the school system by creating accountable process and procedures that will define the proper management of development
  • Basic and Elite level support specific to a commitment of Student and Student-Athlete
  • Creates pride and awareness among the Student and Student-Athletes by building their digital profile which will be used to assist in recruiting efforts when looking to play a sport at the next level and or simply attending a college while seeking a scholarship for a specific sport or expertise
  • Increase and track the recruiting efforts of getting students to the next level by properly indexing and exposing the athletes to the proper colleges and universities
  • Vetted Sports Performance Professionals, Instructors, Resource Centers, etc. available to Student and Student-Athletes to enhance their development
  • Customizable reporting and management systems within Sports Technology Solution to meet guidelines and criteria for School District
  • Manage all school teams and groups allowing access to all administration utilizing a web-based and mobile-based solution.  Manages facility usage, games, practices and recruiting
  • One platform to manage all aspects of progressive development allowing collaboration with all interested and approved parties

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