Sports Technology Solutions

We provide solutions for professional instructors, sports performance professionals, clubs, facilities, schools, etc. Customizable solutions that allow you to take charge of your business and utilize our Web-Based and Mobile-Based Solutions. All aspects of your business and personal needs can be managed in one place allowing for efficiency that can not be achieved without this solution.

Contact Kelly Ahrens @KellyAhrens or call him at 803-260-5432 to discuss how we can help your business prosper with the solutions we have in place. We provide technology solutions that supplement your current needs and provide revenue-generating opportunities that impact your business.

Stars and Stripes Sports

Sports Technology Solutions

The web-based and mobile-based solution for individuals, organizations, sports agents wanting to create accountability and a firm structure to build a business on. No other companies provide solutions and supplemental income streams that increase your efficiency and stability. Stars and Stripes Sports is a National Sports Eco-System that you can simply Plug-In too. We do not sit in the Ivory Tower or speak to you from a cubicle, we are on the field and in the facilities practicing the very things we support. Try our solution for 30 Days FREE and you will quickly realize how your program will benefit. You will be up and running immediately enabling yourself to become efficient. Customizable solutions targeting practical everyday needs of a company or individual to prosper.

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Stars and Stripes Sports Consulting Services

Stars and Stripes Sports offers consulting services for professional organizations, colleges, high schools, travel organizations, inventors, sports performance professionals, professional athletes, sports agents and sports facilities. Anyone can use our software or technology, however, we will only act as a consultant for one High School, College or Professional Team per conference at a time. Contact

Stars and Stripes Sports

Standard Module/Team/Organization/Instructor Management

A proven management solution that provides structural integrity to daily operations while adding value and accountability to a program. The solution manages every aspect of running a team, multiple teams or an organization. Integrated technology allowing for multiple users and administrators to communicate and access the daily needs of a business. Player profile pages that are linked to a team as designated by administration. Scheduling features that allow for easy communication and planning for practices, games, camps, etc. All online registration features providing the ability to collect team dues, tournament fees, practice fees, etc. The administrator can better manage coaching staff and support staff while being reachable by all parties through the phone app or via a personal computer. Real-time updates and collaboration make communication a breeze.

Must Have This Module To Add On Others- Unlimited Teams/Players/Instructors

Cost $149.95 a month More Info Please

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Player Evaluations


PlayerEvals is an online platform that allows coaches to easily create, fill out, and send professional looking evaluations to athletes and their parents.


Import players to an evaluation set via CSV or manually add. You can customize evaluations with our easy template builder.


Coaches fill out evaluations from their computer, tablet, or phone. Evaluations can be generic or position specific.


Let coaches send evaluations right as they finish or have an administrator do a quality check before they go out. Your players and/or their parents will receive a professional looking email evaluation.

Optional Add On- Unlimited Users

Cost: $199.95 a year  More Info Please

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Stars and Stripes Sports

Facility Management

Add this module to your Team and Organization Management tool and now you have a solution to manage your space. Manage cage rental, lessons, and other activities within your facility. Truly a great solution that is "Easy" to manage. NO other company has made this feature so easy to use and operate.  Logic and functionality are far superior and far less costly than the other software solutions. Camps, clinics and all out of the box events.

Optional Add-On Unlimited Users

Cost $29.95 a month More Info Please


Stars and Stripes Sports

Membership Management

Problem solved! Having issues managing a monthly membership for your facility or for your team? This solution has simplified the ability to customize membership plans and provide the ability for your customers to set up monthly payments that are affordable. Monthly deduction from your clients checking account makes it simple for your collection efforts and hold your clients accountable for maintaining the agreement in your contract.

Optional Add On

Cost $29.95 a month More Info Please

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Stars and Stripes Sports

Sport Testing Services

If you are not testing.........YOU ARE GUESSING! It is imperative that every athlete benchmark their testing scores and test on a quarterly basis in order to develop properly. Stars and Stripes Sports Athlete Growth Plan provides accountability necessary to track, guide and hold accountable all parties involved in the athletes' journey. Athletes should complete a daily Athletic Performance Survey to obtain information detailing proper training. Testing results are utilized to create an Athlete Growth Plan which is used to create accountability and provide customizable sports performance and development training. Add revenue to your organization by offering Sports Testing.

Optional Add On- Unlimited Users/Tests

$995.95 One Time Licensing Purchase

$149.95 a month for unlimited testing More Info Please

Details on becoming a Sport Tester

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Stars and Stripes Sports Recruiting Platform

Stars and Stripes Sports provides the most innovative platform for a recruiting company to manage the relationships with their clients and better manage to get information to the recruiters. This full-service solution takes the guesswork out of the process as you are now able to take the athlete profile and send it directly to the college recruiter of your choice instantly. The college recruiter does not have to have an account or sign up for anything to receive an athlete profile from you. The athlete profile captures all pictures, videos, academic info, evaluations, sport testing results, etc. so the college recruiter can get a comprehensive look at what you are sending. You can create Customizable Grouping to strategically manage your client base.

Optional Add-On

$99.95 a month More Info Please

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Stars and Stripes Sports

Hitter Handicap Testing

Stars and Stripes Sports Created Hitter Handicap as a means of testing, training and developing baseball and softball hitters. This unique process is easy to administrate and provides tons of important information that is important to the development of a hitter while providing recruiters with an immediate value into the ability of the hitter. Hitter Handicap Testers can now administrate this process as a part of their testing services.

$495.95 One Time Licensing Purchase

$49.95 a month for unlimited testing More Info Please

* This is a stand-alone module or can be part of a package

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Customized Web Site Solution

Stars and Stripes Sports has secured a relationship with Grover Web Designs to provide customers in need with a top-level site at a reduced price. The volume of opportunity we bring allows our clients to receive a very professional service at a very affordable price enabling the ability to present a great website presence.

Grover Web Designs has invested in Stars and Stripes Sports workflow and process to be able to provide solutions that are tangible in the day to day operations no matter what the needs are. No other company or service can provide a more professional appearance at a better price than Grover Web Designs. More Info Please

$325 A Month For 1 Year- Goes to $100 A Month after a year

$250 A Month for 2 Year- Goes to $100 A Month after two years


More About Stars and Stripes Sports

Stars and Stripes Sports is a trusted and proven brand. We are the good guys, putting in hard work and getting great results. There is no shortcut and we demand accountability and answer to our clients need proving our value. Stars and Stripes Sports Legacy will be around providing an "Improved Process and Work Flow" that decreases the expenses and improves the service to our clients. We will make an impact on how your business runs and how you can improve your bottom line by running more efficiently. Our Eco-System is working daily learning from one another excited to help others so we help ourselves to become a valuable part of our community. We are a great supplement and resource center for and professionals who try to maximize what they get out of their day.

Chances are anything you have experienced as a player, parent, coach, instructor, sports agent, recruiter, scout, travel organization, High School, College or Professional organization we have been exposed to it and have created a solution to better manage so better decisions can be made making better results for all. We look forward to serving your needs and below are some things we are involved in. Contact for more info.