So Cal Stars and Stripes Sports

So Cal Stars and Stripes Sports


12U Cooperstown Champions with a 10-0 record. If you are looking for quality instruction, player development and personal development you need to become a part of a program that has proven the ability to perform.  Committed players who are properly instructed will take you farther than a Google Add made of Luxury Appeal with no substance!  Proving it every day all over the country!  We commit to our players and do not continually recruit the best players who are not good teammates.  You will be taught to 1. Play Fearless  2. Be A Good Teammate 3.  Live A Little

Baseball is OUR life.

We are the Official West Coast Affiliate

of Stars & Stripes Sports

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Beware of organizations claiming to be Stars & Stripes.

For over 10 years, we ARE the official team of the West.

Stars & Stripes Sports is a national organization for committed athletes of all ages, whose focus is on “Player Development”. We provide a platform to help aspiring players perform to their potential and truly look out for the player’s and their best interest. Stars & Stripes has established an accomplished Eco-System of resources necessary for a player to succeed. As a national company, we can meet the ever-changing needs of an athlete looking to play at their highest capacity, anywhere. By building relationships with players and their families, we become a trusted part of development and guidance.


So Cal Stars & Stripes is a travel baseball club located in South Orange County CA. Developing elite players is a byproduct of what we do. Our staff has been teaching the game of baseball in Southern California for well over 20 years. We have developed athletes who have gone on to play at every level of baseball.

We start with a positive atmosphere, build a solid foundation of fundamentals, and we form a mentality for success. Building confidence, making good decisions, learning from our mistakes, and playing with dignity are just a few of the lessons learned through baseball.


Whether it’s learning the game, preparing for the High School Team, or striving to play at the collegiate level and beyond, every level requires a different caliber of teaching. We offer professional coaching, and a college recruiting platform with opportunities to play nationally at all levels. We’re with you every step of the way.

We are focused on individual and team development by providing skills training, and reinforce what we practice in live game situations. What you can expect to learn on a regular basis:

– Hitting Technique

– Pitching Form

– Base Running

– Footwork

– Glove Work

– Speed and Agility

– Conditioning

– Mental Preparedness


So Cal Stars & Stripes set roots in Laguna Niguel, CA. Formerly the Rancho Royals, Rancho Rattlers, Demarini Dirtbags, and SC Sea Dogs; SoCal Stars & Stripes was formed over 10 years ago. We stay true to our roots and hold fielding practice in Laguna Niguel. Over the years our looks and locations may have changed, but our underlying philosophy remains the same:

Teach, and with development comes success, in baseball and in life.


Our coaching staff and a network of advisors are made up of experienced coaches, collegiate athletes, and professionals.