Play Fearless- Be A Good Teammate- Live A Little

Stars and Stripes Sports Academy is a resource center for homeschoolers looking for guidance and leadership to reach full potential.  We provide an accommodating facility that provides the necessary challenge for each homeschooler to prosper.  Blended learning is creating a unique opportunity for committed athletes to begin to focus on athletic development while keeping pace with the academic requirements to excel.  The Stars and Stripes Sports Academy were created to provide the solution for homeschoolers who are looking to receive professional instruction and guidance while navigating the athletic development journey.

No matter the sport, we are able to provide customized sport specific and position specific progressive development to student-athletes.  These student-athletes become accountable to a long-term plan that is designed based on their Sports Testing Results and adjusted as necessary as we re-test to validate proper progression. All parties involved in the student-athletes developmental process is accountable through the customized technology solution managed and directed by Stars and Stripes Sports.

Stars and Stripes Sports is made available to committed families only. All student-athletes should be motivated and willing to engage in an accountable development process which guarantees results.  Self-paced, motivated student-athletes with high aspirations will benefit from our academy.

"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence". 

"A student support system that provides support, encouragement and even help when needed can do much to raise the level of learning"

" It is important to know the right people, schools, and events in order to succeed...but an individual or a family doesn't have to be born knowing the right people or places"

"Teaching needs to be geared towards the design of tasks that would progressively and intellectually lead to the realization of the objectives that defined goals of the curriculum" 

"Education Mission- Arrange the environmental conditions to help realize whatever aptitudes individuals possess"

*Bloom(1994), Blooms Taxonomy


After many years of application, research, testing and studies, Stars and Stripes Sports is a proven and trusted brand in providing elite development.  With the understanding of proper blending of education with progressive development, we are excited to share an environment which provides optimal conditions for student-athletes to reach their potential in their sport, in their academics, and in life!

Locations Coming Soon- Columbia, South Carolina  Gastonia, South Charlotte, North Carolina