Dr. Tom Hanson has provided Stars and Stripes Sports with a unique advantage when providing services to clients where we are able to assist each athlete on how to Play Big.  Years of collaboration, trial and error, and the successful applicant has created this unique opportunity for athletes to quickly understand how to improve their approach on the field and off the field to have more success in applying their physical skills on the field on game day.  The Mental MRI was developed by Dr. Tom Hanson and Kelly Ahrens who collaborated together to create a product that would give the information necessary for the athletes to learn and grow while giving the coaches and instructors the playbook to better teach and instruct the athletes.

There is nothing more important than making sure all the hard work in practice and in training pays off on the field on game day!  Make sure to visit the site by clicking the logo above.  We have learned from testing National Championship Teams and Professional Players and Instructors to be able to identify the key areas and process necessary to improve a players approach. Quit trying harder...TRY BETTER!  We are successfully consulting with National Championship programs and elite players throughout the country managing communications with our Athlete Management System. Test and Train Sports provides a robust application of proven techniques in training committed athletes. Mental MRI is a very important part of the process which enables influence in the productivity of an athlete.

The Mental MRI is the first step for an athlete to gain control of their journey and make sure they are properly prepared for training and playing to reach their full potential. This course provides you with the ammunition to have success!  The course comes with a Mental MRI Test which takes up to an hour where you take it via a computer at home using an online link.  Once you take the test you immediately receive the results and valuable information that will allow you to transform your failures into success on game day.  As a part of this program, it will provide you with the "counseling" and "education" on how to interpret your score results. You can then also opt to receive a Private Consultation to better understand your testing information and to formulate a plan to learn how to "Play Big"!

Below is some sample players of an actual Mental MRI from a Division I High School Softball prospect.




My 12-year-old has a deep love for the game. He’s a hard worker and a skilled athlete. In the past, he has struggled with his confidence and communication skills. However, after taking the Mental MRI, my son, his coaches and I reviewed the results and came to a better understanding of how to approach his development. The Mental MRI addressed his training and how to manage his day to day journey through this very dynamic game. As a rising 7th grader, he recently participated in a preseason Middle School Summer League. We have seen tremendous and consistent progress on and off the field. We were ecstatic to learn that when the coaches asked him to throw curve balls, he effectively communicated his commitment to wait until he was 14 or 15, but expressed that he was “prepared to hit his spots with fastballs and changeups to get people out”. He demonstrated maturity, GUTS, and respect as he communicated this to his coaches. Although he does not have the velocity of his teammates, he has maximized his innings. Without a doubt Stars and Stripes Sports along with the Mental MRI has created a safe environment for development, training, strengthening his confidence, and refining his communication skills. My son is now Playing Big… Thank You Play Big!!!

Dea Baughman- Columbia, South Carolina

*Mental MRI is available in all sports contact KellyAhrens@testandtrainsports.com for more info!