Athletic Development Opportunity

1. Play Fearless 2.  Be A Good Teammate  3.  Live A Little

Stars and Stripes Sports has provided an opportunity for many years for committed families to learn how to approach the game and get the most out of it. We provide support and resources to families and facilities across the United States. We have a trusted and proven brand that provides the formula for success for committed athletes who want to reach their full potential. Local and National opportunities available.

Build Confidence With A Proven Approach...Make Sure Your Child Is Playing Fearless!

  Kelly Ahrens- Stars and Stripes Sports- Founder

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About Us

Stars and Stripes Sports is a grass-roots National Sports-Eco System that is a proven and trusted resource for athletic development and blended educational opportunities.  Our Athlete Management System provides thousands of student-athletes and organizations benefits that are significant in athletic development.  Test and Train Sports, a division of Stars and Stripes Sports, provides ongoing support and resources across the United States as Stars and Stripes Sports continues to expand the use and prove the value of the Athlete Management Solution that is practical and affordable. We build relationships and focus on each person as they seek to reach their full potential. There can be nothing more important than impacting a student-athlete to prepare them for their academic and athletic journey. Sports Facilities, Travel Organizations, Sports Performance Professionals, Schools, Colleges and committed athletes can plug in and immediately gain control and create the necessary accountability for customizing their solution with us.

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Sport Testing Sequence

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