If You Are Not Testing...YOU ARE GUESSING!

Affordable Sports Testing details provide the benchmark for an athletes journey.  Re-Testing confirms the athlete is investing in the correct areas of development while creating Accountability for all parties involved in that athlete's development.  Athletes should take control of their journey by creating a digital profile that captures all details pertinent to development.  Kelly Ahrens- Stars and Stripes Sports- Founder

Congratulations to 12U So Cal Stars and Stripes Sports wins Championship topping over 50 teams with a 10-0 record.  This team has been beating people up in Southern California and proved the value of proper development as Greg Fielis, West Coast Director of Stars and Stripes Sports is the best in the business in teaching the game and teaching the players how to win!  We now have State teams in CA, VA, PA, GA and SC and have players from all over the country that supplement their hometown experience with our National Teams. We provide support and resources for one team or an organization to offer superior player development.

Cooperstown championship So Cal 2018
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About Us

Stars and Stripes Sports is a grass-roots National Sports-Eco System that is a proven and trusted resource for athletic development and blended educational opportunities.  Thousands of student-athletes and organizations have benefited from their experience with our company.  We build relationships and focus on each person as they seek to reach their full potential. There can be nothing more important than impacting a student-athlete to prepare them for their academic and athletic journey.  Through research, participation, and sports testing data, we have first-hand experience and trial and error results that validate the proper path for our clients.  We are in the trenches on a daily basis with our hands on the pulse of athletic development which enriches educational advancement and long-term benefit.  We provide long-term planning and measurable results that create a level of accountability that is unmatched. Whether you are a company, team or group needing Sports Testing services, consulting expertise or if you are an individual looking for excellence, we are here to serve you.

Below is a Baseball  Matrix that provides the number of where the top 10% in each category stands. No need to guess where you stand or where you can play!  Take control of your athletic journey and know what it takes to compete at each level. The top 25% have a chance to continue to play so benchmark your scores and let us guide your journey to provide specific targeted data-driven development coaching to you.  Feel free to visit the tab above on the menu bar to see a position specific matrix as well as an overall matrix which is not a sport specific matrix. Stars and Stripes Sports provides Sports Testing and Development services for all sports and athletes through our Test and Train affiliation. 

Overall Baseball Matrix

Want to join a National Sports Eco-System who can provide the support and resources for you to offer something special in your hometown?  If you want to have one or more teams and feel you need the support in order to manage the process, Stars and Stripes Sports can allow you to plug-in immediately. No need to struggle on your own!

State Team Flyer (1)
The Dominican Republic November 9-12-2018 Final Draft

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If You Are Not Testing…. You Are Guessing!

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