Stars and Stripes Sports Visits Cuba

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Stars and Stripes Sports took some families over to Cuba to enjoy a cultural experience around baseball. We were able to test some of the athletes and gain some valuable insight as to how Cuba develops their players.  We anticipate going back in the Summer of 2018 as Mark Littell and Bill Franciscus have taken charge of future offerings within Cuba for Stars and Stripes Sports clients. 

Athlete Management System- Raising The Bar

By Kelly Ahrens | Aug 14, 2018

Finally…There is a practical solution affordable by all managed through Test and Train Sports. Stars and Stripes Sports spun off Test and Train Sports to focus on providing a unique opportunity to provided “Small Business” a “Big Business” application. Stars and Stripe Sports has been Sports Testing and testing athlete development protocols for the past…

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Get Stronger or Get Better

By Kelly Ahrens | Jul 29, 2018

There are some very good sports performance trainers available and there is no doubt athletes are bigger and stronger than ever. However, are they better? The issue I see daily is the lack of attention to where quality time is spent on athletes trying to put up good numbers at their sport. Stars and Stripes Sports has…

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Junior College- Makes Sense

By Kelly Ahrens | Jul 16, 2018

Why Junior College? This is an actual recruiting thread with a player I am recruiting to University of South Carolina Salkehatchie a small school deep in the country in South Carolina. Important to know every player’s situation is different and has unique twists.  A Junior College is a great investment because it leaves all of…

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100K Can Not Buy A Championship

By Kelly Ahrens | Jul 8, 2018

I recently went to Lakepoint (which recently filed for bankruptcy protection) and watched an elite tournament take place. There was a huge buzz in the air about one of the teams that spent 100K to assemble a “team to win it”. All of the players were discussing as well as were the parents. The team…

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Skill Must Be Taught

By Kelly Ahrens | Jun 30, 2018

One On One Necessary To Build Structural Foundation Teaching/Instructing is not Coaching Parents wanting the best for their children should re-evaluate their long-term development plan. No matter the commitment of the athlete, it would be wise to invest in proper instruction as early as possible to build a structural foundation that can be built upon.…

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Are You Using Technology In Your Child’s Development?

By Kelly Ahrens | Jun 30, 2018

Effectiveness Of Technology Use Technology provides interesting dynamics in today’s society. Especially in “Athletic Development”. However, does the technology provide the benefit that makes a difference in producing the anticipated value? Everyone is racing to use technology to get the edge on competition and to accelerate their game to the next level. I believe in…

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Words From A Retiring HS Coach

By Kelly Ahrens | May 4, 2018

Author: Jamie Corr- High School Coach To all my former players, What a Lifetime in Baseball Can Teach You About Life Itself Gentlemen, Today marks the end of my 38th and final season in baseball as a player or coach. The first time I set foot on the diamond at five years old, I instantly…

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Sport Testing Sequence

By Kelly Ahrens | Apr 10, 2018

All athletes should have benchmark testing and quarterly re-testing numbers in their digital profile which is utilized as the foundation for progressive training.   Functional Mobility Testing- A proper understanding of how each athlete moves and their specific deficiencies is imperative to progressive development. Properly identifying mobility issues provides the blueprint for prescribing proper progressive training…

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Fix The Problems

By Kelly Ahrens | Mar 15, 2018

Fix The Problem I recently posted an article about the “Good Ol’ Boy” System and change coming. It is now time to provide more details on a solution that everyone is looking for. There is no question the current situation is broken and does not have the policies and procedures in place to provide equal…

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