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Minister Of Grip

“MOG” Minister Of Grip- Rich Williams is a unique man who has pioneered a trade that will impact the world of sports for eternity. Rich’s legacy will be one that reveals he is truly a “mad scientist” who has studied and built an ability to develop Grip Strength. For those who think little of this topic, you will soon learn the importance of how it affects athletes of all ages from amateur status to professionals at the top of their game. Rich Williams has been hard at work and is excited to provide services to individuals and organizations wanting to learn more about his specialty. This site will provide science-based details on the importance of Grip Strength and how “Athlete Development ” will be changing focus with Rich Leading the way. The Legend Of Rich Williams by ESPN The Magazine.

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World Record Holder

There are many incredible accomplishments in sports, none greater than this. Rich Williams “MOG” picked up with his right hand and carried the 172 lb piece of Iron, The Jowett Anvil. To put that in perspective for you to better understand, Rich, carried the Jowett Anvil over 60 Ft which was further than all of the other competitors put together. This accomplishment validates Rich is not just the “MOG” but also a “Mad Scientist” as he has a superior understanding of what it takes to be able to accomplish that tasks and actually “pioneered” the process on how to properly train “Grip Strength”. Formidable competitors do not share the intellect nor proper preparation necessary to train effectively where Rich exposes their weakness by dominating his opponents.

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Minister Of Grip

Customized Grip Strength Programs

Nothing can be more exciting for an athlete to know they have an opportunity to learn from the best, a pioneer who will provide proprietary ways to improve your game. Programs are going to impact athletes who play baseball, softball, tennis, golf, volleyball, lacrosse, hockey, MMA, wrestle, body build and powerlifters.

Learn more about the Man behind the “MOG” Minister Of Grip. See what ESPN thought of the accomplishments of Rich and think of how he can help you become the best you can be. Programs will be managed through App and Web-Based program providing the most sophisticated training possible.

Each athlete will receive an Athlete Profile that will capture all actions and provide accountability to the gains received from MOG Programming.

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Stars and Stripes Sports

Professional Management

Stars and Stripes Sports, LLC like Rich Williams- Minister of Grip is a pioneer in the Sports World. Stars and Stripes Sports is a National Sports Eco-System specializing in athlete development. Stars and Stripes Sports Data-Driven Development supported by a customized Sports Technology Solution that allows collaboration that creates accountability.

It is important to be accountable for providing results and the only way you get results is to have the knowledge and passion to know how to teach and deliver a proper message that yields Proven Results.

Our Sports Technology Solution provides athletes across the United States and all over the world an opportunity to learn from the best. We help good players be great players, we help good coaches be great coaches and most importantly if you commit to us, we commit to you!

Committed athletes are going to get results and we are going to prove this to you as each athlete will be tested and re-tested on a regular basis. Every athlete will receive an Athlete Growth Plan, will complete a Daily Athletic Performance Journal and will maintain an Athlete Profile that will host all activities around proper athlete development.

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“MOG” In Action

The Minister of Grip is a big strong human at 6′ 3″ and 410 lbs but his size and bulk is not his greatest asset. He is a professional, a professional who has “mastered” his trade and utilizes the best technique to continue to get better. This same approach will work no matter what sport you are training for and the results will be tremendous for those willing to follow.

The Minister Of Grip can provide you with a better approach to your training and allow you to work smarter to get the results you desire.

More Information On Rich Williams

Rich’s story is well documented and the legend of Rich continues. Now Rich is in a position to assist many athletes across the United States and across the world with his platform powered by Stars and Stripes Sports. Rich can reach anyone anywhere at any time with this Minister Of Grip programming.  Virtual training capabilities and appearances will make it possible for people to learn from the best and better understand how to improve their approach.

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