Kelly Ahrens has the vision to provide the best opportunity for athletes to develop while providing a platform for former professional and college athletes to make a living in the sport they love. Stars and Stripes Sports is made up of former collegiate and professional athletes and coaches who have a passion for teaching, training and developing.  Kelly has traveled the country and spent countless hours studying and learning from top professionals in multiple sports and professions all over the world. The sports testing business has provided data and opportunity to apply general thoughts and ideas into specific action plans that are proving to add value to athletes training to become the best they can be.  Kelly has provided a non-subjective, non-emotional, accountable approach to evaluating and training athletes.  This process is accurate, affordable and supported by a customized Sports Technology Solution which provides mobile and web-based functionality.

Kelly has made valuable relationships with professionals and companies that specialize in specific areas that can provide valuable guidance to sport specific, position specific training.  This collaboration is what makes Stars and Stripes Sports special as it is considered a grassroots company who is in touch with the amateur market but who is also tied into the collegiate and professional market.  Most every device or tool available for training, Kelly has experimented with it in the live execution of testing or training.  Results have been tracked and procedures are now in place for a workflow that is revolutionizing athlete development.

Kelly is a former college and professional baseball player who has five children who have grown up in the world of sports  The real-life experience allows Kelly now to utilize the years of business development and relentless work ethic to combine the passion for coaching and development into a company that provides support and resources to many individuals and companies nationwide.