The Dominican Republic November 9-12-2018 Final Draft

Host Hotel

La Hamaca Resort

Boca, Chica Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic Agenda


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Participation Agreement



Stars and Stripes Sports is offering an opportunity for families in the United States to participate in a developmental experience in the Dominican Republic.  Stars and Stripes Sports has managed multiple events and prides itself on proper communication and expectations.  Families should expect this to be a developmental out of the box experience. This experience is a “Baseball Development Vacation”.  The intent is to provide an opportunity for baseball players ages 9U to 18U the opportunity to experience playing baseball in the Dominican Republic while getting the chance to meet likeminded players and families from all over the United States.  This is not a traditional baseball tournament setting and is meant to expose players to situations they must adapt too and that teach them about the purity of the game and the passion for baseball in the Dominican Republic.  Parents and siblings can come along and enjoy a tropical destination that provides relaxation and opportunities beyond just baseball.  Learn to “Live A Little”.

Terms Of Agreement

Date Of Event:  November 9-12, 2018

Resort Name and Location: -  Hamaca Garden Hotel, Street Duarte, Esq. Caracol, 1, 15700, Boca Chica, República Dominicana, Dominican Republic

Website of Hamaca Garden:

Tournament/Games Location: Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

Cost:  Player $795- Player +1 = $1390- Player +2 = $1,940 Player + 3 = $2,535 Player + 4 = $3,085.  Families are welcome to come earlier or stay later at a cost of $100 per person per night.  Cost includes hotel nights for November 9th, 10th, and 11th.  Check Out is on 12th.

Non-Refundable Deposit- $100 Per Person.  Due to the complexity of planning this event and securing proper accommodations, there will be no refunds on deposits made to secure a spot.

Payment:  Full payment can be made any time before October 25, 2018.  Deposit of $100 Per Person will be credited to total payments made. 1st Payment of 25% is due on or before 8-15-2018.  (This 25% payment is NON-REFUNDABLE as it will be wired to the Group Manager in the Dominican Republic to secure the accommodations).  2nd Payment of 25% is due on or before 10-15-2018 (This payment is refundable before if notified in writing by October 25, 2018) 3rd and Final Payment of 50% is due on or before October 25, 2018. (This payment is refundable if notified in writing on or before October 31, 2018).  Any refunds made that meet the specifications above will be debited $50 processing fee.

Cancellation- $100 Deposit per person is NON-Refundable.  1st Payment of 25% is not refundable.  2nd and 3rd payments are refundable if cancelled on or before October 31, 2018, minus a $50 processing fee.  If 100% of payment is made upon registration, the same schedule applies for cancellation and refunds.

Ages Of Players: Ages 9U to 18U

Transportation: Transportation to and from the airport and to and from the games will be provided for all participants. Participants must pay for any off-site transportation as managed on their own individual merits.

Hotel Room Details- Families of 2, 3 or 4 will be placed in a room with at least one adult present for each room. No more than 4 occupants will be placed in a room. Families will be placed in rooms together. Single participants will be placed with other single participants 2 per room. If a family of 5 attends, they will receive 2 rooms and can split the rooms up as they desire, however an adult must accompany a minor as two minors cannot stay in a room alone without the supervision of an adult.

Meals: Restaurants included in this package are the Buffet, Orale, Mylos, Rodizio and Snack Bar.  Beverages are included such as water, tea, soft drinks. Alcoholic drinks are also included in this package with some restrictions on “international Drinks”.  Pelicano is not included in this package and must be paid for by SSS Client.

Laundry Service- Laundry service will be provided for players uniforms only.

Games:  Teams will play 2 games on Saturday and 1 Game on Sunday Fruit and beverages to be provided in between games on Saturday by the host. Depending on a number of players and age of players we may have to combine age groups to get an appropriate mix of players as SSS will manage this with SA.

Local Dominican Players- Host will provide players that can be used to complete SSS teams.  The host will provide an inventory of players ages 9U to 18U that will be used to play in games.  Teams should have 10 to 12 people per roster and rosters should be complete by November 2, 2018, for proper planning. The host will educate all Dominican Players as to the sportsmanship and goals for this experience to be fun first and competitive second.

Fields/Stadiums- SA will provide suitable fields/stadiums for teams to participate in free of any danger, hazards or logistical issues that do not meet a 30-minute drive from the hotel.

Communication:  SSS will host two conference calls which will be recorded so families can ask a question and gain an understanding of this event.  SSS will use Peak Performance Network to communicate with all participants. Each participant will receive a digital profile with Peak Performance profile which will be used to manage all communications involved with this event.

Event Manager- The fields/stadiums will have an event manager provided by a host who will oversee all activity and will ensure a good event for all.

Entertainment-  SSS participants visit must be focused on the structured activity.  There are activities and events produced by the hotel that is included in the cost of this event. Families are on their own in managing any event or activity outside of the scheduled events and location as scheduled by Stars and Stripes Sports. If a family decides to partake in an event outside of the boundaries of the hotel and or outside of the schedule produced by Stars and Stripes Sports, they must notify Kelly Ahrens via Peak Performance Network message on exactly what they are planning with specific details of what they are planning so we can have accountability of each family on our trip.

Uniforms:  SSS participants should wear their primary team uniform for the games. The variety of uniforms makes this special and allows each participant to represent their local team.  If you would like to purchase Stars and Stripes hats and tops you can do so HERE.

Fan Wear- Participants and their families can purchase Stars and Stripes T-Shirts, Hats, etc. from the team store.  Orders must take place before October 15th.  All orders will be sent to participants before November 5th to have in time for the event.

Air Fare- Air Fare is not included in this package and each participant is responsible for them on travel to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Transportation will not be provided to other airports within the Dominican Republic.

Summary:  This can be a great experience for a baseball family who is looking to meet families who are passionate about the game and who want a developmental experience.  The weather most likely will be hot and conditions are tuff for playing compared to what we are used to in the United States.  Do not anticipate turf fields and beautiful venues for baseball. Some of the teams and players may not have the same resources as you do and would benefit from some compassion for their love of the game.

Event Schedule


Friday, November 9                       Families Arrive- Check In Hotel- Enjoy Hotel

                                                            5:00 PM Location – La Hamaca Hotel                                                                                     Group Meeting At Hotel


Saturday, November 10              9:00 AM Games (2)

                                                            3:00 PM Return To Hotel


Sunday, November 11                 9:00 AM Game (1)

                                                            1:00 PM Return To Hotel


Monday, November 12               Enjoy Hotel- Check Out


*Schedule subject to change



Waiver and Release:

I hereby release Stars and Stripes Sports from all liability because of any injuries which may occur during my participation in their event. I fully understand that I am responsible for all medical expenses which may be incurred because of any accidental injuries. I know and understand that photographers will be present at the event in which I am participating, and I allow Stars and Stripes Sports to use my pictures and likeliness Stars and Stripes Sports marketing and advertising materials such as (but not limited to) website, flyers, banners etc. To accept these terms and agree to this health waiver and release of liability from Stars and Stripes Sports its coaches, staff, and employees, please sign below.


Agreed upon and accepted this ____ Day of _______, 2018.



Stars and Stripes Sports Participant ___________________________________



Stars and Stripes Sports _________________________________________


Supplements Your Primary Team Experience

Stars and Stripes Sports is looking for committed players who have proven to be good teammates and want an experience of a lifetime! This process will provide you with valuable information and resources that will make a major impact on your baseball journey! We will field AA/AAA and Open Teams. We have produced hundreds of teams and thousands of players who have traveled and played all across the United States. It is very important to have confidence in a brand that will produce a great experience for your family while each player learns how to become a good teammate and conquer new challenges. Cost is $295 a tournament or an all inclusive price such as the Dominican Republic Trip, and you are guaranteed a roster spot when you secure your registration. Please note Fill In players are utilized only when necessary to guarantee participation in an event. Rosters vary each tournament as does the coaching. All teams are assigned a Professional Coach who does not have a son on the team. Contact for more information.

stars and stripes players having fun.jpg

Get An Invite

  • Register and set up Digital Athletic Profile so we can see your video and learn more about you this is for committed families only, skill will vary but commitment will not.
  • Invites are provided after Digital Profile is complete and phone conversations are completed with National Director
  • Team Classifications-We will field appropriate classification based upon the player's that register to participate
  • If for any reason you can not make the event and for an excused absence you can transfer your payment from one event to another
  • Payment for a tournament  must be made 15 Days Prior to Event to have a guaranteed roster spot
  • Do not book a flight until you have a confirmed roster spot
  • No flights should be scheduled out of town on the last day of the event before 8 PM
  • Kelly Ahrens will judge ability based upon complete Athletic Profile and Testing and will place players accordingly
  • Prepare your son to learn how to become a good teammate and how to function outside of their normal travel team experience
  • First 12 players to register for each event
    will be guaranteed a roster spot. If you register afterward you will go on waiting list.
    Families arrive by 6 PM on day of the event and we have a workout at the hotel. We then have dinner as a group either at the hotel ordering pizza or a close by restaurant. It is imperative for players to stay together in hotel and fellowship as that is critical to them getting to know one another and being able to gel as a team.
    *Registration does not guarantee you a spot for a particular weekend, make sure to confirm with
  • Player's are responsible for purchasing Stars and Stripes Sports Unifrom consisting of a Hat and Two Tops ranging from $65 to $165 depending on which uniform they choose to purchase. State Team Players can wear their uniforms and do not need to purchase National Team Uniforms.

Tournament Dates and Locations

Must pay a non-refundable $100 registration fee to participate in this program unless you are an active member of a Stars and Stripes Sports State Team.

Register and Pay $100

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10U to 18U

National Teams

National Teams are formed for players ages 10U to 18U. Players must be a good teammate and be focused on how they can make their team better as personal accomplishments are secondary to the experience and development of the team.

If you are a serious player looking to gain exposure and challenge yourself, participation on one of these teams is critical to your success.

We want to be a major part of your development and your journey. There are many speed bumps along the way during your baseball journey and it is important to have a resource you can count on in a time of need.

We may end up with two teams in one age group on certain weekends. If we do not have enough players for a tournament you will be notified two weeks before the event and you can receive a 100% refund or transfer to next event.

All teams are coached by a paid professional who does not have a son on the team. We had players from SC, NC, VA, FL, GA, TN, PA, IL, MT, CA, AZ, WA, NY participate with us last year and expect to draw players from all over for this years team.

Players who are not able to compete outside their normal environment with players they do not know will not be properly prepared for college nor life!


Tina Flach "Live a little" my favorite Coach Kelly quote! Love the lifelong friendships made between the kids and parents! Sportsmanship also goes a long way. Another emphasis of Coach Kelly! We have had the privilege of working with him and his dedicated coaches for almost 6 years now... Great read Coach!

Lindsey Andrachick I don't even need to read the article to answer ur question... I think
Jennifer and
I would both say HELL ya we are crazy 🙂
flying all over the country for our 12-year-olds to play baseball... BUT at the end, it's SO worth it. The friends my family and I have created are irreplaceable and I would spend thousands more on those friendships. There is a bigger picture. It can't be explained in words, it can only be lived 🙂

Fill In Player

From time to time we need Fill In Player as injuries and other issues get in the way. A "Fill In Player" is treated just as a normal player is, however, they are NOT GUARANTEED a roster spot. You have to register and pay in full to secure a roster spot on any given weekend. "Fill In Player" is notified of need and accepts based on availability. The cost to be a Fill-In player is $100.00. If a Fill-In player is not needed a full refund will be provided. Fill-In players are treated just like everyone else on game day there is no differentiation.

A unique portion of our experience is involving someone from the local area who has not yet been exposed to Stars and Stripes Sports. We have secured relationships with hundreds of academy owners across the United States that provide us with players knowing we return them to their program a better teammate. Our program is "supplemental" and not meant to take over obligations for local teams that players participate with.

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Professional Coaching

Stars and Stripes Sports engages proven professionals who are Qualified Coaches and who are proven to be able to develop players. It takes a special coach and person to get players from all over the country to come together as a team. We have demonstrated the ability to successfully manage this process for over 8 years. Players will be required to play "Fearless" and learn to be a good teammate who will develop a skill set that will make his team better.

Stars and Stripes Sports Qualified Coaches

Is Your Son IN Good Hands.png


There is no better honor than to be able to be a part of a person's development on and off the field. Stars and Stripes Sports wants to be held accountable for providing great developmental opportunities that provide benefits not received in a traditional setting. Each and every player becomes a part of a caring organization that wants to provide assistance in navigating the journey of travel baseball and to assists in providing valuable information that can help in the development process.

Need Based Scholarship Info

kelly benny and team post game.jpg


We have been doing this for years!  Hundreds of professional coaches and thousands of players have participated in Stars and Stripes Sports teams.  Player development experience at its best!  Do not miss this opportunity for your son to experience something that will be a major foundation block in his development.