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Stars and Stripes Sports- Columbia

Director: Kelly Ahrens

Coach/Trainer– Parker Little

Coach/Trainer– Lawson Lacomba

Coach/Trainer– Brandon Ahrens

Coach/Trainer– Tina Whitlock

This facility will be a private facility for members only and for families who are committed to development.

Current Team Options:

9U Stars and Stripes Kids Pitch

*Will play USSSA Events local to Columbia, the SC area.

Tournament Dates: Feb 15- 1Day, March 7-8, 21-22 April 4-5, 17-18, May 2-3, 16-17

Will have Summer opportunities also but will only be one a month and will be big events like in North Myrtle Beach, Florida, etc.

Weekends we are playing could vary based upon total players available and teams to play. We will get commitments for spots and only accept fill in players moving forward.

Rosters:  Will have 12 person roster and will have fill in’s available when needed when we are not able to use one of our own players in a younger age group that can play up.

Cost:   $20 A practice and $75 For Each Local , Tournament  $50 a month facility membership. *Players must purchase their uniforms


Practice Schedule:  We anticipate teams having one practice at the facility and one at a field location tbd and based upon weather and availability.  If poor weather or no fields we will have facility to practice.

**New Private Facility–  107E Legion Plaza Road, Columbia, SC 29212 This is the original facility I founded over 16 years ago. The facility name will be Test and Train Sports.  The only program based out of the facility will be  Stars and Stripes Sports. The facility will be for Stars and Stripes Sports families only and it will be a requirement for all players to be a member at a cost of $50 a month.  Families will have access to the facility to train at any time via Key Fab and will be encouraged to work on their skills as much as possible. We will conduct practices, lessons and muscular endurance programs out of the facility. This is a family membership so all direct relatives, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers can use the facility. No outside parties will be allowed to use facilities unless receiving a private lesson from one of our coaches.  We will be asking our families to help us in “sweat equity” in getting the facility ready for our use.

We will have Summer Camp that runs from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM the entire summer and will make the facility available to our families for personal birthdays, etc. if needed.

We will have no more than 75 members at the facility so we are able to have quality use as our members will be able to utilize the facility to improve their skills.

Professional instruction and training will be at a rate of $65 an hour to our members. Only approved coaches/trainers listed on this page will be offering instruction out of this Test and Train Facility.

Stars and Stripes Sports – Columbia will be offering roster spots for committed players ongoing for the foreseeable future.  Teams will practice once a week and players will be required to get lessons and validate commitment with weekly programming provided as follow up from what is learned in practice.  This is for committed families only!  Player’s must work on their game at home and be driven to compete.  I am not concerned where they are today however, I am most concern about where they are going.

This program is all about development and the focus is to build the foundation for these players to grow on. They will receive progressive instruction and will be guided by professional coaching, No Parents will be the head coach of the team.  Stars and Stripes Sports is a National Sports Eco-System specializing in athletic development.  Stars and Stripes Sports is a trusted and proven brand that has influenced thousands of athletes all over the country specializing in proper progressive development.

It will only take one meeting and one practice to understand how special this opportunity is and how much value the families will receive.  Parents need to understand the level of commitment is the biggest factor in each athletes journey.  Athletes should practice 80% of the time and play 20% of the time which is not what most people are used to. There is no race to attend, only creating long-term plans that you can benefit the development of your child. You will not guess if your child is developing, we will prove the progression by documenting measurable increases and seeing the results on the field of play.

We will host a Benchmark Sports Testing Event where each athlete will participate in a sports testing process pioneered by Stars and Stripes Sports.  If you are not testing…YOU ARE GUESSING!  Each athlete can immediately see where they stand in relation to other players their age across the United States.  That will create the benchmark data testing info needed to create accountability.  Every professional and person involved in the development of this athlete can now be monitored and measured on their value.

Each athlete will create a Digital Profile which will act as their resume and will capture their development process through middle school, high school and to college or professional participation.  This Digital Profile is the center spoke in the wheel for the athlete, parents, coaches, instructors, sports performance professionals, orthopedics, scouts, recruiters, guidance counselors, etc.   The retention of data and the ability to use the data to provide progressive training will ensure the best decisions possible are always made.

We build the “Total Student-Athlete”.  We demand this of all of our players and you see it on the field of play.  1.  PLAY FEARLESS  2. BE A GOOD TEAMMATE  3. LIVE A LITTLE-HAVE MORE FUN THAN EVERYONE ELSE

Parents- I have a contract you must execute and a total commitment to the team is expected.   Parents are asked to be parents and provide unwavering support for their child and the team.  I have done this for 25 years and we have National Teams with parents and players coming together with others from all over the country. We have no issues or drama as we are a happy place to be.  Parents if you do not have anything good to say, do not speak.  If you embarrass your child…I will embarrass you!  It is really that simple for the optimal development environment.


Creating the most optimal environment possible is going to make the biggest impact on your child.  We develop each player and teach them the skills necessary to grow.  We provide periodization in training that increases the optimization of development and lessens the chance of injury.  Everyone pitches, we are very strict in pitch counts and will not throw on back to back days.  The accountability created in our program eliminates the chance of overuse.  It has never happened and will not happen.  If the athletes do not practice the skills at home they will not achieve mastery and you will not see improvement in relation to the ones that are.

All Athletes must complete the Peak Performance Network Mobile App:

  • Daily Athletic Performance Survey
  • Daily Pitching Journal
  • Weekly Progressive Development Training

All Players can participate on the Stars and Stripes National Team if they wish. You can pick one date or multiple dates to attend.

Contact for more information and make sure to visit our site at for more information.

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