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Kelly Ahrens

Kelly Ahrens, Founder of Stars and Stripes Sports has been providing instruction, developing coaches, instructors, and programs as well as managing travel teams for many years.
Stars and Stripes Sports has pioneered a unique player development process that has proven to be effective. This testing event enables athletes to know exactly where they stand, creates accountability and what next steps are.
Kelly is from Columbia, SC, went to Cardinal Newman High School and Newberry College (89). Kelly was drafted in the 20th Round by the San Francisco Giants and played in the Pioneer League, Midwest League, and Northwest League.

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Kelly is anxious to help athletes that want to get the opportunity to play college baseball.

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Stars and Stripes Sports is looking for committed student-athletes who are good teammates. Every student-athlete attending college will receive a commitment from the coaching staff to provide the necessary support and resources for the student-athlete to develop properly. We are only looking for student-athletes who are willing to be accountable for their development in the classroom and on the field. There are no politics involved with this program nor any hidden agendas that will ever affect you in a negative manner. However, we have the tools and resources to ensure you are doing your part. You can expect to be tested on a regular basis and to know exactly where you stand at all times. You will be expected to complete daily surveys on a phone app providing the coaching staff with every detail needed to ensure we are providing you with the proper targeted training program. We are looking for hungry and tough student-athletes who want to win championships and who think BIG! A Student-Athlete would choose to attend this event to be introduced to the opportunity to play college baseball and because they are focused on making it to the next level understanding the value a small college in a small town provides.

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Sport Testing Details

Every player is tested when they arrive in the Fall and are re-tested at the end of the Fall. Players are required to complete a daily athletic performance survey so the intensity of training is always adjusted based on the condition and performance of the players.  The software provided allows the players to stay in touch with the program to receive training on a year-round basis and for incoming Freshman show will make a better transition into the program knowing what to expect.


Coach Dorman Addressing Players At Prospect Camp

Coach is addressing the players before the Sports Testing and Prospect Camp in January. All players receive a fair opportunity without politics to earn a spot on the roster.  There is typically a prospect camp on campus every month managed by Stars and Stripes Sports, so you can visit their site to learn more.


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USC- Gamecocks

We have relationships with the 4 Year schools where our players want to develop and get an opportunity to play. All players receive support in locating their 4 Year destination based upon the best athletic and academic fit. We utilize the most sophisticated software and process available to recruit players and help them find a 4 Year college.


Grip Strength Training

USC-Salkehatchie has the resources to impact each player very quickly and position the athlete to build a great foundation while greatly reducing the chance for avoidable injuries. How do you train, when do you train, what does this training allow me to accomplish?  Specificity in training the areas that dictate success on the field will yield the best results for the players and the program.

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USC Salkehatchie Baseball

By: Kelly Ahrens

Athletic Development Coach and Recruiting Coordinator

Find yourself at USC Salkehatchie. Opportunity for the right individuals.

Are you not being recruited or receiving offers from programs you have interest in?
Are you puzzled and disappointed in your current success to be able to play College Baseball?
If you are an unsigned Junior or Senior, you should take a look at USC Salkehatchie.
Jr College is the best path for a player who is unsure of where he belongs and looks to prove he can play.

I am excited to be a part of this School and Baseball Program. This is a place you will find comfort in sending your son, knowing he will receive a fair opportunity and will have limited distractions. USC Salkehatchie is a very small Division I Jr. College in the very small rural town of Allendale, SC. You are a good 30-minute drive to the nearest Wal Mart and or large grocery outlet and have very few options for fast food and entertainment. However, it is the start of the journey to success. This is a great place to transition from High School to College while being able to watch your academics and develop on the field.

USC Salkehatchie (Salk) is a unique environment that creates a great pride in students who are finding themselves and making the transition from moving away from home the first time and making the huge transition from High School to College. Salk recently has an opportunity for a dorm setting and most of the players stay in rental homes scattered out around the community. These rental homes are very old and basic with no frills.

Salk has an incredible Head Baseball Coach, Bubba Dorman. He is unique and perfect for the role as the Head Baseball Coach, Groundskeeper, etc. He wears lots of hats and is a baseball lifer. Bubba specializes in providing a fair opportunity for each player to earn a spot on his roster and the same opportunity to win playing time-based upon their actions. No outside influences and no more or less opportunity for one player versus another.

There is a great peace at Salk, where there is a beautifully manicured baseball field, clubhouse and weight room within walking distance of the College. There are lights and thick green grass with batting cages and a practice field next to the main field. Bubba raised enough funds for a press box which stands tall and is and is now completing new dugout additions to the Home and Visitor sides..

Mrs. Brewer is the Athletic Director and is in tune with each athlete in the school as is all the staff at the college. They are invested in each player and student and build relationships with them to ensure their college experience at Salk is the best it can be. Everyone is accessible, professors, administrators, coaches are easy to find and always available to help a student-athlete in need.

There are no funds for scholarships and all the other schools in Region X have more resources. However, none of the other schools provide the same education and development services that Salk does. Limited resources create more pride and draw athletes looking for an opportunity to show their stuff. Only a few if any of the players received private lessons from a professional, went to Under Armour or Perfect Game Showcase events.

Salk players come from all types of backgrounds and resources most of them limited in financial resources and development resources. There will be between 50 and 75 aspiring players show up in the fall each year looking to make the team and prove their abilities. Most all of them show up because no other schools showed an interest and or they have some academic issues that prevent them from heading directly to a Division I or Division II program.

Salk has turned out Major League players in the past and consistently send players to the NAIA, NCAA I, NCAA II and NCAA III levels. Most of the players go to a Division II or NAIA school opposed to a Division I school but that is ok as most of these guys were not recruited at all out of high school and have developed into a great prospect based on standing at Salk and enjoy a great college baseball playing experience.

Bubba is well known in the local community and in the Baseball Community as being a great hitting coach as well as managing to turn out players each year with limited resources. He is a grinder and does it because he loves the game and is true to providing the opportunity to young men. He makes sure each player gets an equal opportunity and is more than fair in allowing them to stay and develop even if they are a bit short on providing immediate help to the program.

I played against USC Salkehatchie teams in the Fall when I was a player at Newberry College and I played with USC Salkehatchie players on our 1989 District 6 Championship team. They have always made their teams better after leaving Salk.

My oldest son Korey a 2013 Salk Graduate is a benefactor from the opportunities afforded by Bubba Dorman and Salk. He struggled in high school in an academic sense and he was undersized. He put up great numbers and was MVP of the State All-Star game. He struggled as a freshman with his freedom and academic issues as well as personal choices. He had a great career at Salk and continued playing at USC Beaufort graduating in 2015. There is no question in my mind he would never have a college degree without going to Salk. He met his wife, Manny (soccer player), there and now has a 1-year-old son Koda.

Many players like Korey can find themselves at Salk. My second Son Brandon also attended Salk for a semester right out of High School. He was the Valedictorian of his class and a much better prospect than Korey. He was confused about what he wanted to study and where he wanted to play and at what level he should play at. Was he a DI prospect or a DII prospect? is he going to pitch and play the field or just choose one?

He came to Salk unsure and focused on getting better. He had a great fall emerging as one of the top pitchers on the staff consistently throwing 90 MPH or above and was projected to get some at-bats and play some first base. He got into the best shape of his life while at Salk, made all A’s and transferred to Newberry College. He graduated from USC in December of 2017 after having some arm issues and having some collegiate success.

I have been in baseball for many years and founded Stars and Stripes Sports who has a Nationwide Reach with players, coaches, instructors, etc. I have been fortunate to learn from many coaches, instructors, professionals while traveling across the country providing sport testing and consulting services.

I bring a commitment to this program that parents should respect in that I want to provide this small school in the middle of nowhere the resources of the top programs in the country. We have done just that and are working with each player to manage their day to day activities by providing them with a daily athletic performance survey and day to day management of their progression. We test them when they come in and retest to provide accountability for their improvement.

We provide a data-driven approach to target specific enhancements needed to allow them to reach their full potential. We provide them with a recruiting platform where we Index each player based upon their testing results, academics and their gameplay to better provide an opportunity to play at a four-year school that is best suited for them. Each player is treated with respect and given the opportunity to be the best they can be.

I hope this description of Salk provides a clear picture that one can relate too and appreciate. We are looking for players who want to go to work and build a good life for themselves. We want them to learn to play fearless and to put themselves in the best position possible to succeed. We will challenge them and hold them accountable for every action taken and not taken. In the end, your son will know they received an opportunity to better themselves and that the system did not fail them.

Deciding to attend USC Salkehatchie provides great assurance you are making the right decision. You are making the right decision because you leave all your options open However, will make decisions in the future with better information. Players will be better prepared to commit to the four-year schools and will be more mature when entering a Division, I, II or III program.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about Salk and I will be happy to reply.