2018 10th Annual Stars and Stripes Winter World Championship

December 27- January 2

Clearwater, Florida

Family Baseball Vacation Providing Player Development Opportunities


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Schedule Of Events: 

updated 12-20-18 @ 5:00 PM ***Subject To Change

12-27-2018  Check-in and enjoy resort- Families to meet at Loch Ness Pool for socialization

12-28-18  Sports Testing at Loch Ness Lawn 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM   Athlete Engineering Loch Ness Lawn 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

12-29-18- SS12U Game 1 10:00 AM Game 2 12:00 PM-   SS 14U Game 1 12:00 PM Game 2 2:00 PM 18U Game 1 5:00 PM Game 2 7:00 PM- All Games Sid Lickton Fields

12-30-18 Game 1 SS1 Vs SS2 9 AM Field 1   Game 2 SS 3 vs SS4 Field 2 Frank Tack SS1 vs SS3 11:00  AM Field 1  SS2 vs SS4 11:oo AM Field 2 (12U and 14U teams merged together all games at Frank Tack Fields 60/90 Fields)  18U SS vs AOS 1:00 pm AND 3:00 pm at Frank Tack Fields

12-31-2018 FREE DAY  -  Hang Out At Resort- Many families are going to Bush Gardens

1-1-19 FREE DAY- Hang Out At Resort

We will be coordinating volleyball games and basketball games for the evenings of 28th, 29th and 30th.  More to come.


Play too much...practice too little!  Many players are not developing properly and do not have the resources to ensure they are building the foundation that will provide benefits as they mature. Athlete Engineering provides accountability through the use of an Athlete Management System that captures the entire journey of each athlete and allows them to use their digital athletic profile to guide their development. Where do you stand? What do you need to work on next? Are you doing the right things? We have the professionals who are trained in providing the proper direction and ongoing support to allow each athlete to reach their full potential.  This event allows for parents and athletes to get educated and to learn first hand what is needed to get the edge on their competition.


Staff and Speakers




Team Participation- Open To Teams 10U to 12U Cost $495 Register Here    13U to 18U Teams $575 Register Here  Teams coming from outside of 60-mile radius must stay at the Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort under the Stars and Stripes Sports room block. Players coming that will be rostered to teams entering tournament can pay a $95 Player Fee Here and participate in the Sports Testing and all the other events offered by Stars and Stripes Sports At The Hotel.

Individual participation- Players attending this event will be placed on a Stars and Stripes Sports team.  The best effort approach will be made to put players together that are traveling together.  Register and Pay $295

Professional Instructors-Physiotherapists-  Come and join us at this event to see Sports Testing process and specialized targeted training procedures applied and managed with the top sports technology available. Collaborate and become part of a growing Sports Eco-System that is providing opportunity in reaching the athletes and proving value by creating accountability through measurable growth. Contact KellyAhrens@StarsandStripesSports for more info.

Ages:  Open to players ages 10U to 18U

Host HotelInnisbrook Golf and Spa Resort 36750 U. S. Highway 19 North, Palm Harbor, FL 34684 Call 1-800-492-6899 and join the Stars and Stripes Sports room block making sure you are receiving the agreed upon rate as listed below.

All rooms have access to Washer and Dryers to use for Free!

Stars and Stripes Sports families will receive a 10% discount on the Spa

Stars and Stripes Sports families will receive special pricing for the 4 Golf Courses On Site Mon-Thurs $80 - $175 and Fri-Sun $100 - $200

Deluxe Bedrooms $170 A Night - Typical Hotel Room with Two Queen's and a Sleeper Sofa, Mini- Kitchenette

Executive Suites- $185 A Night- Two Queen's, Sleeper Sofa, Eating Area, Kitchenette

Two Bedrooms- $265 A Night - One King, Two Queen's, Sleeper Sofa, Eating Area, Full Kitchen

To reserve a room you must make a 1-night deposit when booking your room.

This rate includes self parking, fitness center, in-room internet, on property shuttle transportation, in-room newspaper delivery, local and toll free phone calls, in-room coffee service, use of the nature preserve, use of the miniature golf, volleyball, basketball and six swimming pools, scheduled beach shuttle transportation and 24- hour gated security per room per day plus taxes.  Airport shuttle service to and from Tampa International Airport at a discounted rate per person roundtrip.  Children under 3 are complimentary with a parent.  Call 800-258-3826 to arrange a shuttle at least 24 hours in advance. Airport shuttle fees are subject to change without notice.

Additional Charge: Suggested charge of $3.00 per room, per night for attendant gratuity and a one-time round trip porterage charge of $8.00 per attendee will be at the discretion of each individual guest.

These rooms are very "roomy"  and will allow you to purchase groceries and cook for the week to save money.

Field Location:Sid Licton Complex  714 N. Saturn Ave., ClearwaterFL 33755-5510




Stars and Stripes Sports is a National Sports Eco-System who has provided services for thousands of families from across the United States building a trusted and proven brand.  This is an "out of the box" experience providing very positive influence on committed baseball families who value proper player development.  We are committed to building a relationship with your family and becoming an asset in the journey to assist each player to reach their full potential.


  • Welcome- Meet and greet families from across the United States who choose to share their holiday season building relationships and learning as much as possible in regards to the journey of a baseball player who aspires to play in college or professionally.
  • Sports Testing- If You Are Not Testing...YOU ARE GUESSING!   Sports testing is critical to identifying where a player is and enabling the ability to influence the direction they are going.  Multiple tests will be administered and each player will know exactly where they stand and what they need to work on next.
  • Professional Instruction- Professional Instructors who are experienced at taking Sports Testing data and applying sports conditioning solutions will assist in making sure proper progressive instruction is provided and enabled through the mobile applications so each player has the resources to reference in order to grow.  Individual and group settings targeting specific areas of need introduce the sequence and progressive application of instruction making sure each player does not miss a step that would be critical to their growth.
  • Professional Speakers and Instructors- Professional Speakers will elaborate on topics that are meaningful to players and families while being a part of the group accessible to all in order to really build bonds and relationships that yield trustworthy guidance.
  • Team Building- Learning how to become a good teammate and learning competitive adaptability is essential to success and reaching full potential. This experience enforces team building activities and social aspects that create a positive environment for support.  This support carries over beyond this event and is leveraged for the future as families build lifelong bonds and become a part of the Stars and Stripes Sports family.
  • Relaxation and Fun- It is mandatory to have fun as this is a very happy place and environment.  You will be required to "live a little"!  We will have activities such as playing Wiffle ball games but will allow the families to enjoy the resort to play some golf, tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc. or just hang out poolside.
  • Draft- We will "draft" players onto teams based upon all in attendance so the players can begin to bond with their teammates and compete in games.  This process is pretty simple and is dependent on how many people attend the event and what ages the players are. It could be possible that we ask a player to play up in age if necessary. We will put teams together in a manner that will be best for all parties asking each player to focus on being a good teammate.  The value of this event is to see how the players perform when "out of the norm".  This is not a typical tournament event and it is powerful to see the players apply skills and get out of their box.
  • Games- Players will be placed on teams and will compete in games at the Sid Lickton Sports Complex and surrounding fields as necessary based upon the total number of players and teams attending.  Stars and Stripes Sports pioneered the process and has proven the ability to provide meaningful competition that brings the best out of each player focusing on the development aspect of the event. There will be a 4 game guarantee (weather permitting).  We have never been rained out of a tournament int he past 10 years and recognize bad weather could cause some changes that would have to be managed while at the event.


  • Digital Player Profile- Each paid participant will receive a digital profile that will make them a part of the Stars and Stripes Sports family and will provide the basis of development.  This Mobile Based and Web-Based program captures every step of the player's evolution in their journey creating accountability for all parties involved in the development of that player. Each player is forever connected to one another and is connected to Stars and Stripes Sports administration and professional coaches and resources. This digital profile will be used to provide details to college recruiters and professional scouts enabling them to see the journey every step of the way.
  • Athlete Evaluation- Each paid participant will receive an Athlete Evaluation that will outline where they are and where they are going with a precise map of how to reach their full potential.  Educate yourself on what it takes to reach the level you want to reach and utilize our sports technology solutions and network to receive the targeted data-driven techniques necessary to master your skill. If you are not testing...YOU ARE GUESSING!
  • Competitive Adaptability- Studies have proven the need for athletes to learn competitive adaptability.  Physical aspects are important, however, learning how to and applying the right approach to maximize the use of the physical attributes only comes to fruition by being exposed to the right process managed by the right professionals. Get out of your box and prove you can manage any situation thrown at you while learning how to condition your training and daily approach to be able to manage all of the off-field speed bumps as well as the on-field speed bumps.
  • Knowledge- Your attendance will provide an educational foundation to understand who you are, where you are going and how you are going to get there. Your passion will be matched by instruction in order to teach you how to train, what to train and why to train a particular way. Periodization in training along with an understanding of the purpose of drills etc. will enable you to reach your full potential with a refined skill trait that allows for mastery.
  • Environment- The environment you will be exposed too creates the optimal situation for one to gain an understanding of specific categories of training that enable the ability to learn a mastery of a skill.  The environment created influences the learning process to enable each participant to hear, see and mimic processes which will be used on a daily basis that are important to having success on the field. Hang out poolside and really get to know professional coaches and scouts, just do not look at them through the fence.  Now is your time to ask and learn from the guys that have been there and who are doing it!

Fill In Player

From time to time we need Fill In Player as injuries and other issues get in the way. A "Fill In Player" is treated just as a normal player is, however, they are NOT GUARANTEED a roster spot. You have to register and pay in full to secure a roster spot on any given weekend. "Fill In Player" is notified of need and accepts based on availability. The cost to be a Fill-In player is $100.00. If a Fill-In player is not needed a full refund will be provided. Fill-In players are treated just like everyone else on game day there is no differentiation.

A unique portion of our experience is involving someone from the local area who has not yet been exposed to Stars and Stripes Sports. We have secured relationships with hundreds of academy owners across the United States that provide us with players knowing we return them to their program a better teammate. Our program is "supplemental" and not meant to take over obligations for local teams that players participate with.

Please Download, Execute Player/Parent Contract and upload to player's digital profile

National Team Player/Parent Contract

Stars and Stripes Sports engages proven professionals who are Qualified Coaches and who are proven to be able to develop players. It takes a special coach and person to get players from all over the country to come together as a team. Qualified Coach is someone who is or has played in College or Professional Baseball or who has coached or is coaching in College or Professional Baseball. We have demonstrated the ability to successfully manage this process for over 10 years. Players will be required to play "Fearless" and learn to be a good teammate who will develop a skill set that will make his team better.


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There is no better honor than to be able to be a part of a person's development on and off the field. Stars and Stripes Sports wants to be held accountable for providing great developmental opportunities that provide benefits not received in a traditional setting. Each and every player becomes a part of a caring organization that wants to provide assistance in navigating the journey of travel baseball and to assists in providing valuable information that can help in the development process.

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We have been doing this for years!  Hundreds of professional coaches and thousands of players have participated in Stars and Stripes Sports teams.  Player development experience at its best!  Do not miss this opportunity for your son to experience something that will be a major foundation block in his development.