Strong Gripz- Grip Strength Training

Stars and Stripes Sports leads the pack in Grip Strength training.  Rich Williams the World Record Holder for Grip Strength has joined the staff and provides the expert programming customized to sport-specific, position-specific training.  The importance of grip strength training has been overlooked and we have proven the impact of proper grip strength training.  There are no individuals or companies who can offer the expertise in training that we can.

We have been Sport Testing  in addition to doing research and dialogue with the best in the world, we now have the ability to make an immediate impact in customizing training for specificity in athletes mastering their skill.  An emphasis on Grip  Strength training supervised by the Strong Gripz program as powered by Stars and Stripes Sports, introduces integral training needs that can now be met.  We intend to educate athletes, sports performance professionals, physical therapists, orthopedics and others to the findings and impact we are making on grip strength training.