Athletic Development Coach

Stars and Stripes Sports has been able to implement specialized training that makes an immediate impact on athlete training.  Sports Specific- Position Specific training isolates the specificity of training necessary in order to allow athletes to reach their full potential.  Strength Coaches, Sports Performance, Physiotherapist and other professionals seek to provide the best training to help an athlete have more success.  After careful review and study, we have come to realize the need for a position referred to as the “Athletic Development Coach”.  The Athletic Development Coach is necessary to hold everyone accountable in the athlete’s development process.

An Athletic Development Coach is a professional who understands how to take Sport Testing results and analyze the data to provide targeted sports specific-position specific targeted training programming.  The Sports Performance Professional has to be held accountable and be able to provide the customized targeted training driven by data from Sport Testing.  If you are not testing…YOU ARE GUESSING!