The Baseball Playbook was created by college baseball coaching legend, Ron Polk, over 35 years ago as a baseball coaching manual. Still, to this day, there is no other book quite like it that gives such a complete, holistic approach to the game of baseball and its many intricacies.   


Coach Polk’s mission is to provide youth coaches with the structure and tools they need to give their players a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience in baseball as they progress through their baseball careers.  As you’re preparing for the upcoming season, we highly recommend you consider investing in Coach Polk’s book to help you maximize your time with your team and be introduced to what Coach Polk has used with the thousands of baseball players he has coached at the highest level of our great game.


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The next time you’re trying to put together a perfect practice plan, or you need to reference the Playbook at the field, you can have it at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.


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"I took this class in College for College Credit and believe it made a big impact on my play and now in my research and coaching.  This is a must for anyone who wants to coach at any level".  Kelly Ahrens - Stars and Stripes Sports- Founder