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The journey through sports and learning about what you should do and how you should do it becomes very confusing and problematic in having confidence you are headed in the right direction.  Every athlete should have an Athletic Map. A definite plan of attack that provides non-subjective details on where you stand and what you should be doing. The Athletic Map should guide your journey and prepare you for each roadblock that is placed in front of you.  Stars and Stripes Sports is a trusted and proven National Sports Eco-System that an athlete can Plug Into and get a map to where they are going.

No matter the athlete's age, they should be tested to benchmark their scores and to properly engage a training and development solution that can guide them in the right direction with confidence in knowing they are going to end up in the best place possible.  Each athlete needs to have one platform to corral all of their vital information which is made available to all coaches, instructors, recruiters, administrators, doctors, etc. A daily athletic journal, daily athletic performance survey, monthly biomechanical details, quarterly sport testing results and evaluations can be captured and utilized for proper targeted training.

It is important to set goals, track the progress with goals and to re-evaluate with non-subjective data-driven results that can give accurate details on progression.  The sports testing index allows an athlete to track and see how they match up against other athletes their age in other parts of the country. It will allow them to gauge progression with an accurate stance as well as creating accountability for all actions that take place on the athletic journey. Families need resources, current and former player and coaches who have experience at developing athletes and who understand the next steps.  If you do not have these resources, most likely you are not making the best decisions possible.

Stars and Stripes Sorts Athletic Map ensures you are going to make the best decisions possible with the most important and accurate information.

Set Your Athletic Profile Up Here and get the Athletic Map that will guide your athletic journey.