It is important for anyone working with children to be well informed regarding all physical, emotional and cognitive changes they go through during the development stages.  Stars and Stripes Sports understands the importance of timing and proper implementation of consistent sports testing to measure development while systematically developing body and mind.  The biological makeup must be given the proper programming as physical and psychological changes that occur at each stage are accompanied by critical behavioral transformations.    The only way to ensure each athlete is getting the proper progressive targeted training is to provide a customized program that is data driven by sports testing results and retest results monitoring the progression of each particular athlete.  Training must have purpose-Quality of training is most important versus quantity of training.

If you are not testing...YOU ARE GUESSING! Every athlete will achieve "Natural Growth" however has to be taught a skill they must have a concrete specific assessment of their progression.  Results are going to vary dramatically with what an athlete is exposed to and the level of targeted professional training they get on an ongoing basis.  Every athlete is different and has different challenges.  in order for an athlete to reach their fullest potential, they must seek specific programming based upon proper periodization. Sports Testing and Re-Testing is the only way to validate proper development.  Stars and Stripes Sports provides an accountable platform that tracks and monitors growth validating progression while providing customized specific targeted training.

Benjamin Bloom, (1984) categorized three ways for students to learn and provided specific details to influences of educating and teaching.  1. Conventional 2. Mastery Of Learning 3. Tutoring.  Alterable Educational Variables such as Quality of Teaching, Use of Time, Cognitive and Effective Characteristics, Formative Testing, Rate of Learning and Home Environment will determine the ultimate success of each Student-Athlete.   Stars and Stripes Sports has refined an approach combining previous teachings of professionals who validate the success of training application.

Athlete Commitment Level

The level of commitment of the athlete will factor into the skill the athlete achieves. Athleticism does not guarantee success as the proper skills and techniques have to be taught and learned. The quality of the teaching and the environment of learning dictates the success of an athlete reaching full potential.  Elite Athletes have the highest form of commitment, there are no Elite Athletes who have minimal commitment.

Grade/Age Categories/Stages

Every athlete is unique and it is important to consider one's Anatomical, Biological, and Chronological Age when choosing the right Long-Term Development Plan.  Many factors should be considered when customizing and targeting training for an athlete.  Each athlete will need personalized targeted training that is data-driven and considers measuring their athleticism and skill to progressively plan and conquer. Athletes have to be taught a skill, they are not born with it.

Initiation Stage- Develop- Mastery of Movement

Athletic Formation Stage- Teach

Athletic Formation Stage II - Intensity and Focus

Specialization- Specific to Sport and to Position- Muscular Endurance

High Performance- Elite Athletes Moving On To Compete at the Collegiate or Professional Level


In order for athletes to reach their full potential, they have to be fully committed and have the desire to compete at the highest level possible.  Every athlete must have a long-term plan in place accompanies with testing results that validate progression. Athletes must be accountable as should every professional involved with the athlete's journey.  Measurable gains provide the guidance to value the effectiveness of training, continual testing and re-testing allow for adjustments to be made along the journey based upon specific data-driven points the athlete posts in their developmental process.  Accountability begins with an athlete's digital profile capturing the daily athletic journey.

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