Finally…There is a practical solution affordable by all managed through Test and Train Sports. Stars and Stripes Sports spun off Test and Train Sports to focus on providing a unique opportunity to provided “Small Business” a “Big Business” application.

Stars and Stripe Sports has been Sports Testing and testing athlete development protocols for the past 10 years through grass root operations all over the United States. Trial and error have built a very substantial athlete management system now being utilized for the development and management of club teams, facilities, small colleges, high schools and professional coaches.

Privately owned facilities throughout the United States offer services to clients in sports performance, skill instruction, practice venues, etc. and have not had the ability to centralize efforts to include a community offering at a reasonable price. There are many obstacles in managing a facility and there are few to no resources to help manage and generate revenue.

Stars and Stripes Sports partnered with Peak Performance Network out of Dallas Texas in the Fall of 2017 to assist in building and designing a solution that could centralize and manage all parties involved in an athletes development journey no matter where they were at or where they were going. Peak Performance Network successfully provided the adjustments in engineering a very practical and proven athlete management system that works.

Kinduct- Athlete Management System

Kinduct has set the bar in proving how valuable these resources are by providing services to multiple professional organizations and big universities. They provide a platform that allows their clients the ability to allow the data to speak and to analyze and apply valuable information in the management of their organization from top to bottom.

I feel Kinduct has the premier solution for the “Big Boys” but do not serve the amateur market in need of a grass-roots approach. Very few clubs and or private facilities have a drove of sports scientists at their disposal nor the funding to utilize such a system. Even if they could afford it, they do not have the staff available to engineer and utilize the solution on a practical basis

Test And Train Steps Up

Test and Train Sports (T&T) allows for any committed athlete to have a centralized digital athletic profile centralizing all communications allowing for collaboration with all parties involved in their athletic journey. Not only is the solution available but the support and resources are available to teach the teachers and to provide targeted progressive testing and training that creates accountability!

Accountability is the missing ingredient in all athletes seeking to reach their potential and there are no centralized solutions other than T&T that can be customized to meet the need of the athletes and the service providers who provide the training and coaching necessary. Stars and Stripes Sports has been operating for over a year and a half utilizing the Peak Performance Network solution to provide a practical Athlete Management System.

Secret Sauce

What can you actually do on a daily basis that is practical and proves results? If you are not testing…YOU ARE GUESSING! How do you manage the progressive development cycle of athletes ages 6 to 21? It has taken trial and error to realize what application of progressive development and day to day functions are viable.

The best plan in the world sent down from the ivory tower and supported by investor funding has proven to have struggled in actual application in the field. There is so much “Overkill” and “Glitz” out there from the marketing end, the reality is there is not a lot of value if any in many of the applications. It sounds great, looks great but how do you actually make it happen in the day to day management of an organization or client?

Let’s Go!

I am now signing up new organizations on a daily basis who want to be able to offer the solutions Stars and Stripes Sports has proven over time. Having the experience in the field of actually implementing and managing the day to day activity, we have an edge in experience and own our own data and information that we can share.

I am able to set up a new company on our system is only an hour’s time and have them fully functional managing their business completely on one platform. The solution is for any sports facility, sports performance professional, sports agency, physical therapist, elementary, middle or high school, small college or professional organization that has daily needs in running their business while providing an elite Athlete Management System.

Even better news is that the solution is so remarkably affordable, we will save them money and provide them with revenue streams, support and resources that will allow our customers to prosper. Once the facility owners and travel team managers see our platform they immediately recognize the power of what we have to offer. Our customers are not purchasing an online registration system that manages payments, etc. they are getting a teammate that centralizes all of their solutions in one place and can hold their hand in implementing the use of sports testing protocols and services that will change their business forever.

Kelly Ahrens is the founder of Stars and Stripes Sports and Test and Train Sports he can be reached at